Lone Star Distribution

11370 Pagemill Rd, Dallas, TX 75243
(214) 340-0704


Lone Star Distribution was founded on a passion for health and fitness and our unwavering commitment to our customers which shows in everything we do. When honesty, integrity, knowledge, price, service and reliable performance are important to you, know you can rely on us.

In 1997, Lone Star Distribution was launched by John Hoffmann, a used car and a truckload of our first product. Hardworking, honest and determined, John found success in his business plan which today has extended well beyond his original vision. Over the years John has built a tremendous Lone Star team, our family of dedicated professionals — a tribe with great passion.

Our determination was tested when Lone Star Distribution’s Dallas facility burnt to the ground in 2001. We lost over $1 million in inventory and were up against the greatest challenge our Lone Star family had ever faced. Fortunately, the partnerships that we formed over the years paid off, and our vendors put their trust in us. We rebuilt quickly and came back stronger than ever.